Chemical and Paints

chemicals and paintsAt Scandships, we offer a range of high-quality chemicals and paints to meet the specific needs of each vessel. Here are some of the chemicals and paints we offer:

Marine Paints:

We offer a range of marine paints, including anti-fouling paints, topcoats, and primers. These paints are specially designed for use in marine environments and are formulated to provide long-lasting protection against the harsh elements of the sea.

Cleaning Chemicals:

We offer a range of cleaning chemicals, including degreasers, descalers, and general purpose cleaners. These chemicals are essential for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of vessels and their equipment.

Rust Converters:

We offer rust converters, which are designed to stop the spread of rust and prevent further corrosion. These products are formulated to convert rust into a stable, protective surface that can be painted over.

Fuel Additives:

We offer a range of fuel additives, which are designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. These products are formulated to clean fuel systems and combustion chambers, resulting in improved engine performance and reduced fuel consumption.

Overall, these chemicals and paints reflect our commitment to providing our customers with the highest standards of quality and reliability. We understand the importance of using the right products for each vessel and we are committed to sourcing our products from reputable suppliers to ensure their effectiveness and safety. We are constantly updating our product range to ensure that we are providing our customers with the latest and most effective chemical and paint solutions.


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