Quality Policy
Full commitment to the quality and safety of our products is an essential
responsibility of Scandinavian Ships Suppliers. This is implemented by a clear,
rigorous and transparent quality policy, which is why our clients can have full
trust in our products.
We, at To Scandinavian Ships Suppliers,
•        Ensure our involvement in the provision and packaging of the products we supply to our customers can be consumed with confidence;
•        Respond to the customer requirements and expectations through our operations and right through to the delivery of the products;
•        Ensure the compliance of applicable rules & regulations, ISO 9001:2015 requirements and the food safety policy;
•        Ensure the well-being of our personnel within our structure by providing them a safe working environment;
•        Train our staff with all required skills necessary for implementing an effective Quality Management System
•         Ensure continual improvement of our Quality Management System.


• Scandinavian Ships Suppliers firmly believes in providing safe food products to its customers.
• Scandinavian Ships Suppliers wholly accepts its legal duty to comply with all applicable
statuary and regulatory requirements.
• It is ensured that all staff members abide by the policy and all procedures and codes of
practice and make every effort to maintain all written procedures set down by the
• It is the aim of our business to operate all food supplies with due diligence which is
regarded as a top priority.