About us / Why we?

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Scandinavian ships supplier is a leading ship Supplier based in Karachi Pakistan. (Established in 1962) all the time our company concentrating on improving our product and Quality service standard and striking to come up with the lowest possible prices offered to our customers. Our company thinks customer care is ultimately the most important sector. Our company policy is working successfully in term presently we are supported by many worldwide renowned customers.

Scandinavian Ships Suppliers major key is putting our customers first and realistic that they are the heart and soul of our business. We do whatever it takes to deliver on promise and provide flexibility to apart to our customer’s needs.

We supply at Karachi Port, Bin Qasim Port, Gwadar Port outer anchorage, Churna island anchorage, Gaddani Anchorage lowest possible prices. Canine stores, Galley all kind of maintenances, Repairs.

We provide t Best quality of provision fresh vegetables, Fruits, Seafood, Meat, chicken with long validity of dry items and tinned items.
On the other hand we have a great and experienced team for Deck, Engine , Electrical , Electronics , Cabin, Medical , Galley Utensils , Stationary , fire Fighting Appliances (FFA), Lifesaving appliances (LSA,) Annual Inspection , B.A Charts and Publications ,Imo Signs, and etc. we always fulfill and satisfy our clients.
With a wide range of goods and best services, Scandinavian has built up a strong reputation for quality with competitive prices, making us a good name in shipping market. Our customer includes bulk carriers, LNG Vessels, Oil tankers, Tugs and Barge, Containers ships and offshore supply boats.


Why Scandinavian Ships Suppliers

  • Working with since 1962
  • Quality products at competitive prices
  • 100% Opreted company
  • Networks of customers and suppliers world wide
  • Customers are everything to us


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